China PTO wood chipper for WC-8 with OEM factory with Great quality

Problem: New
Kind: Wood Chipper
Use: crush wood,branches into wooden pieces
Electricity Variety: PTO shaft,tractor power
Generation Ability: 1-2ton/h
Design Variety: WC-eight
Dimension(L*W*H): 1×0.8x1m(deal)
Weight: 400kgs(package deal)
Guarantee: 24 months
Right after-income Support Supplied: Engineers obtainable to service equipment overseas
Certification: CE
blade turning radius: 302mm
feeding system: mechanical or hydraulic feeding
matched power: twenty five-50hp
wood chips measurement: 10-50mm
Max.chip potential: 200mm
flywheel housing: spherical or square
working performance: 8-9cbm/h
blade No.s: 3 blades:1 sta,2 rotary.
feeding roller: 1 or two
application: wood,department,leaves
Packaging Details: iron crate and film covering 24 sets for 20’GP
Port: HangZhou

PTO wood chipper for WC-8 with OEM manufacturing unit:

About us:

We are a medium-sized private business developed in 1989.we focus on R&D

woodworking equipment-pto wood chippers,self-run wood cippers log splitters and haying equipment-mini round balers,sq. balers,self-propelled balers,two discs mowers,hay rakes and tedders,

bale wrappers,and other implements hooked up to tractors.

About solution:
Runshine PTO wooden chipper for WC-eight


1.Runshine PTO wood chipper.two.CE accepted,electric powered start .3.manufacturing unit price,good good quality.four.mechanical or hydraulic feeding ,large effectiveness.5.great technologies help ,fourteen months guarantee.


Runxin wc-8 wooden chippers are employed for cutting wooden, branch and pieces into smaller sized wood chips,pieces,for masking crops or mulching,
specifically for employing granulated fuels.

Doing work theory:

The WC-8 wood chipper employs metal disc with
rectangular blades mounted upon it and fans upon the
other side. Even though the disc rotates, run by PTO shaft , the blades minimize the wood ,department or leaves into pieces and the fans blow the chips out from discharge chute.

Technical Parameters:

Model WC-8 mechanical feeding program WC-8 hydraulic feeding system
Diamentions(L*W*H) 1600*1571*1400mm 1600*1571*1400mm
Construction Fat 370kgs 370kgs
Blade turning Radius 302mm 302mm
Chipper Max. Diameter 200mm 200mm
Chipper Performance eight~ 9m 3 /h 8-9m3 /h
PTO rpm 540rpm 540rpm
Power Necessary 25hp~50hp twenty five-50 hp


one. spherical flywheel residence or sq. flywheel residence.
two.solitary feeding roller or double feeding rollers.
three.hydraulic or mechanical feeding system.

Any concern,you should come to feel free to get in touch with me.

drive shaft axle
China PTO wood chipper for WC-8 with OEM factory     with Great quality China PTO wood chipper for WC-8 with OEM factory     with Great quality
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