China Terex Terex3307TR50 PTO shaft 15245600 pto shaft parts

Applicable Industries: Equipment Mend Shops, Production Plant, Energy & Mining, Other, Construction performs
Showroom Spot: None
Video outgoing-inspection: Presented
Equipment Test Report: Not Offered
Marketing Kind: Very hot Merchandise
Guarantee: 6 Months
Title: CZPT TR100 parts
Packaging Details: Standard export wood packing, or according to your requirements.
Port: ZheJiang g

High high quality and good quality of various elementsWe offer CZPT dump truck areas 3305 3307 TR35 Agricultural Transmission Machine PTO Shaft TR50 TR60 TR70 TR1003311E, MTE260, MT4400, MT5500 Specification

The item identifyTR50 PTOshaft
piece amount15245600
To adapt to the typesTEREX TR50
packagingExport normal packing, neutral packing.
Organization Profile Product sales AND Services Community Comparable Products Venture in Thailand Venture in India Undertaking in Russia FAQ Q 1. Are you a production or investing business? A:We are a expert manufacturer and exporter of mining dumper chassis partscompany. Q 2. How to ensure that the parts of the dump truck are suited for my dump truck? A:Make sure you give us the correctmodel/equipment number/any number on the portion Q 3. What’ 750W AC Servo Motor 220V 2.39N.m 3000RPM Single Phase ServoMotors PulseEtherCATCANopen Servo Driver for CNC Equipment s the supply time? A:If there is inventory, we can supply the items following obtaining payment. If there is no stock, the 2 sides want to negotiate. Q4.What is your phrases of packing? A:Generally, we pack our merchandise in neutral white packing containers and brown cartons, for far more heavy products we secure them in picket containers,toensure that our items are properly protected in the course of shipping and delivery. We also can pack in accordance to our customers needs. Q 5.What sort of transportation do you give? A:By sea, air or express (DHL, SF, EMS)

drive shaft coupler
China Terex Terex3307TR50 PTO shaft 15245600     pto shaft partsChina Terex Terex3307TR50 PTO shaft 15245600     pto shaft parts
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