Agriculture PTO driven tractor one/two rows potato harvester

Solution Description

Agriculture implements PTO driven tiny potato harvester


one.Little Potato harvest equipment is mounted to tiny tractors

two.geared up with 3 stage linage and PTO.With digging plowshare

3. Agriculture potato harvester is primarily utilised for reaping potato, sweet potato, peanut, onions, garlic, Chinese yam, taro and other underground rhizome crops.

four.It has the advantages of higher performance, reduced breakage, quick to leak the soil, extended provider daily life.

Major Features for agriculture potato harvester

1. Optionally completing the excavation, transportation separation, in addition to the seedlings

two. The blend of mining establishments assures the mining depth

3. Crucial parts adopt international advanced engineering, to increase the total existence


Product 4U1-900
No.of ridge 1 ridge(one row)
Line Spacing  60-90cm
Weight 230kg
Matched power 35-55hp
Functioning depth 25cm
Doing work width 90cm
Absorptivity ≥96%
Breakage charge ≤2%
Dimension 1650*850*450mm

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Agriculture Pto Driven Tractor 1/2 Rows Potato Harvester